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In this video I expalin in detail the ten videos downloads made for Modelrailroaders,Model Builders and photographers. You get to see actual clips from each video. Click the free button and enjoy the presentation.
Thank's for watching. Ken Patterson

New Shelf layout Design and Construction Video

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In this Video I walk you through the entire planning and design and then the construction of a Shelf Layout model railroad. We build 3 BTS laser craftsman kits, A train station, A freight depot and a Single stall engine house plus we scratch build a wooden turntable. After we build the completed shelf layout along a wall, we then build a 5x12 foot  complete train layout with mountains and pine forests that our New shelf layout will fit into to create a loop track for continuous running and operation. Interchangeable shelf layouts can fit into this larger layout to keep things changing.   We cover all aspects of the hobby, Fake fur scenery, Pine trees and rocks, Wiring, Soldering, Airbrushing, Track laying, Ballast and dirt scenery, working with foam, wrapping your scene with wood for that perfect finish. We build a valance for lighting our layout. Over 2 hours of very fast and well edited information. Fantastic out door run bys of the finished scenes and Narrow Gauge HOn3 trains filmed in real sunlight. This is the best model railroad video covering construction to date. Total eye candy! Even though this is an Ho scale layout ,(1/87th scale). All the techniques used here can be used in any scale of model building.  Down load it now for $29.95

New Model Railroad Construction Video.
Over 2 hours 12 minutes.
Building The Blackstone Layout. HO/Hon3 Narrow gauge
As per Rio Grande Southern standards
This video started out as a simple procuct review of a Blackstone C-19 it turned into a video run by re creating Dallas Divide on the Rio Grande Southern. Then the project evolved in to a comprehensive layout construction how to video. We cover every aspect of model railroad construction that can be used in any scale.Watch as I build the Blackstone Narrow gauge layout from start to finish into what turned out to be a $10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Dollar) model railroad layout.
Electrical wiring, Scenery construction, Working with foam, Scratch building a turntable. laying track,poring water,Wrapping your layout in oak for strength and finish.Building switch panels,Making modeling dirt,soldering, etc... It is all in this video and more. 2 hours 12 minutes worth of Model Building Education by model railroad artist Ken Patterson. Down Load Now $29.95
NEW Video
Garden Railroading With Ken Patterson
The 14 Year Learning Curve
In this video I show you how to build a garden railroad. Perfect for Family and friends, this is better than a swing set. In this video I show you through hundreds of photos and video clips the tricks to building a reliable running layout. Bridge building, water run off, track, power supply's, gravel road bed, cement road bed, deck l and switch yard construction, more run by's than I can count. It is all here in a long and well edited fast pace educational video on modeling large scale, G scale, 1;20.3 and 1 29th scale, it is all the same in that this video is eye candy for the outdoor railroader. It took 14 years to compile the material to make this video, The 14 year learning Curve with garden railroading. $8.95 about 25 minutes

Modeling Water Lakes and Rivers.  Download Video For $5.95

In this video I teach you how to model perfect looking water for lakes and rivers. If you have ever seen one of my Bridge scenes or Waterfront Series photos in the Walthers Catalog, you have seen my water. I will show all the tricks in this video that will make you a better modeler over night.
9 Minutes that will change your modeling forever. Click here for safe purchase...

Modeling Cornfields in Ho Scale By Ken Patterson.

In this video I show "hands on"

How to model realistic Dry September corn in Ho Scale.

cool run bys to show it works.

5 minutes 21 seconds of model Railroad fun. $4.99

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Photography Instructional Video Series #1

The Signal Tower Photo Shoot.

In this video I show you how to design and build a scene

for photography. Then I take you live for the photo shoot  I explain things as we go along.

Plenty of tips and ideas in this video as this is how it's done. $5.95  About 10 minutes.


Heritage Turntable Photo shoot
In This video I walk you through the step by step process of planning and building then shooting the turntable scene. The construction process includes, working with cement, Oil paint weathering,etc...
The scene designed for 1 type of photo set up can be shot in the steam or diesel era. Go behind the scenes and watch as one of this years signature shots is created and documented in HD Video through the whole process.

Turntable Diorama Display Construction Video Download

In this video I will show you how to cut your own turntable pit any size to fit your needs at no cost.

No turntable kit to buy. We will scratch together a bridge

from toys, parts and wood, plus scenic the top and finish the sides into what could be a module for your layout or a stand alone display for your favorite Steam or diesels.

Quality editing make this an easy to follow instructional

video download. 16 minutes 251 MB file.

Click on the text link for purchase page.

NEW Video. Building Craftsman Structures Vol 1 The Hyde pulp Mill in HO Scale.  In this video we cover the construction of the Hyde Pulp Mill complex from B.T.S. models step by step. 20 days of filming to make this 2 plus hour long How to video. We use every trick in the modeling book to build this series of buildings and the wharf docks board by board. Professionally filmed and edited to be easy to understand for the beginner and advanced modeler alike. Built to serve Ho standard gauge and Hon3 Narrow gauge this video covers it all! Click the link below for safe purchase and down load. $29.95 USD 
All New Building Trestles And The Diorama Base with Ken Patterson
In this video we Build Lightner Creek Trestle to photograph the famous Robert Richardson Shot of RGS K-27 464 plowing snow on one of it's last runs. Bridge 160A at mile post 159 of the Rio Grande Southern RR.
I walk you through the process of wood bent construction, Jig Construction, Steel girder building, scenery & road building, making water creek's, I also show trestle construction in Ho and G scale. We build a base and wrap it on black oak for a finish you can apply to your layout. At the end we shoot the snow shot in all its glory.
Watch a preview video here....
1 hour 5 minutes of educational learning edited to be interesting.
$19.95 for the download video

ALL New Video....

Ken Patterson's Model Railroad Home Layout

In this Video I walk you around my 157 foot main line of my Studio Home Model Railroad layout. This Video Is about the design and construction methods you can't find in a book. This layout was designed out of need and function with prototype scenes modeled 1 to 1 from Google earth GPS and lasers to accurately measure every detail. You Get it all in this video. To many run by's to count. I show prototype photos and videos to describe the modeled scenes on my layout. Power supply and DCC is covered in this video. Almost 30 minutes. About ten minute down load time.

This is the most complex video to edit so far with 178 photos and video clips to tell the whole story behind the design of my home layout. $9.95. Close to 30 minutes of video

Weathering Steam With Ken Patterson
This video download,  is a quality production Edited by Ken Patterson to the same very high standards as my many published articles in the model press.  Run-by's of the finished models were filmed in real sunlight out doors to create the ultimate realism. I demonstrate in real time the 6 step weathering process using oil paints and air brushing skills on Bachmann's B&O EM-1 Locomotives. 21.5 minutes. Digital Quality Sight & Sound $9.95
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Black Stone Magic Video   Rio Grande Southern HOn3 Action

This New Video Features the models of the RGS

Narrow gage HOn3 in full outdoor sunlight. One Run By After Another. Total Track side action. I'll take you to Dallas Divide as C-19's work the grade. K-27 In snow is a is a real visual treat as are the sun rise lit shots. Almost a full 14 minutes of action. Quality camera work and carefully set up scenes set this apart form any other modeled video footage out there. This is the best. $5.95 to purchase


Voted BEST Video of 2013 The 3 day and night Mike Morrison Photo & Video shoot. Most complex and longest video to make with tricks and effects that will amaze you. Gather your friends for this one and enjoy the ride.

Mike Morrison from Alaska joined me this summer on the bluff for a 3 day photo and video shoot featuring his HO and O scale locomotives and freight cars all tricked out with incredible weathering that you must see to believe. We did 2 day time shoots and one night time session. During the day we shot stills and video of his models in action with interviews with Mike explaining in his own words how he achieved some of his effects. During the day session the prototype did a run by below the bluff with Mike filming for research. The entire bluff run by is then shown totally modeled matching the prototype run by car for car in the consist. Because everything was the same the timing of the run by allowed me to drop in 4 clips of the model during the run by matching the timing exactly through the run by. Pretty cool trick and you may miss it if your not paying attention because the effect works.

 The night time introduction on the video is a magic moment when the sounds of the Mississippi valley surround you as we carry on with business. The night time stills look magical. Joe Steimann adds more magic to the night when he directs 4 of us to do our part to create this fantastic still of a Soo Line F Unit smoking in the night with a little help form 3000 watts of light. Yes, it really took 4 of us to pull it off and you are there moment by moment for the failure's and the success. In fact this video is so captivating throughout it will take you from your world to ours for a visual ride you will want to watch over and over, and you can. 

Produced for my What's Neat this week Colum in Model Railroad hobbyist magazine , you can buy the full editors cut today for  $5.99 shy of 18 minutes at 266 mb, worth the short wait to down load immediately after purchase.